Privacy Policy

  • What do we tend to do with your information?- When a user registers for a premium or requests access to our website, we need all of the required information, as well as the internet protocol (IP) address. These come in handy when sending out emails with our latest news.
  • Consent- once you get to the payment section, we'll need your personal information, such as your credit card number, purchase order number, date of purchase, and so on. If you change your mind in the middle of a transaction, you can hump badly by simply contacting our customer service, and we'll accommodate your request within a few hours.
  • Disclosure- All of your personal information may be revealed if it is requested by any agency that is bound by any statute.
  • Third-party providers- To some degree, we send the information you provide to the law so that they can provide us with the service for which they were employed. We assure you that all of your details will be kept strictly confidential. We will not share the information with any other employee, client, or entity under any circumstances.
  • Security- To protect the confidential information you have provided, our organization will take all appropriate and fair steps to ensure that the information is not misused, compromised, or exploited. Both of the sides for information are encrypted from end to end.